Four Questions for Forensic Strategic: Sarah Malcom

Sarah Malcom

Get to know the Forensic Strategic Solutions employees a little better, starting with Sarah Malcom!

What about forensic accounting initially interested you?

I knew by the 10th grade that I wanted to be an accountant, but I was also extremely interested in criminal justice. While at UAB for my accounting degree, I decided to pursue my interest and minor in criminal justice.  Although criminal justice was never intended to be part of my career, I learned that UAB’s School of Business offered a forensic accounting concentration, which to me was the perfect combination of my two interests.  After researching forensic accounting and fraud investigation, I knew that this was the career for me, and UAB’s coursework confirmed that.  It seems that things have come full circle – I now have had the opportunity to go back and teach at UAB.

What is your most notable career achievement so far?

Looking back at the past three years and the start of my career, I am most proud of two things: (1) passing the CPA and CFE exams, and (2) having the opportunity to work at Forensic Strategic Solutions.  Because FSS is a premiere firm in its industry, I know I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to join the team and gain valuable experience and case exposure.

What is the number one item on your bucket list?

One day I’d like to have property on the beach, to come and go as I please and just relax!

What does your desk at work look like?

I am a very organized person and have a place for everything.  My desk is typically clear, and I try to put everything in its place.  Anything that does stay on my desk is very organized.  Of course there are times when work and deadlines leave my desk cluttered, but I am much more productive when I can see the surface!

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