Accounting Malpractice

Our team specializes in accounting and financial reporting issues whether the alleged malpractice stems from fraud that was not uncovered by CPAs or from a failure by CPAs to follow professional standards. Some examples of claims against accountants where we have been engaged include:

  • Fraud schemes that were not uncovered in a financial statement audit or review
  • Fraud schemes that were not uncovered in a compilation engagement
  • Failure to follow professional standards
  • Failure to comply with regulatory procedures
  • Failure to disclose a conflict of interest
  • Fraud committed by the accountant

Our services, which leverage accounting and auditing knowledge with forensic investigative techniques, include:

Case Assessment: We assess whether accounting malpractice is a viable claim for both plaintiffs and defendant accountants, and  play an instrumental role in the decision to move a case forward or advising our client to not pursue (or settle) a case.

Compliance with Standards: We analyze procedures performed by the CPA as required by professional standards to offer an opinion about compliance and non-compliance.

Expert Witness Testimony: We have vast experience serving as expert witnesses in litigation involving accounting malpractice.