Fraud Examination

Our team is composed of forensic accountants, financial investigators and data analysis experts who understand and comprehensively assess financial data to detect fraud, illustrate and testify about fraudulent activities, and identify and offer recommendations to protect business processes that are prone to future abuse.

Our fraud examination practice includes the following services:

Fraud Investigation: Our team combines forensic technology, fraud investigation techniques and data analysis to isolate fraud and abuse incidents, and reveal relevant facts in a financial fraud situation or allegation.

Criminal Investigation: We apply proven law-enforcement investigative principles to data analysis, forensic accounting, interviews and documentation to help clients detect criminal financial violations and make referrals to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Our specialized training and expertise in conducting and completing investigations benefit our clients by increasing the likelihood that the matter will be pursued by law enforcement agencies.

Forensic Computer Examinations: We provide counsel regarding the types of data and evidence that is electronically stored. Our team reviews an organization’s computer system, seeking out and identifying the gaps through which fraud can occur. For more information read about our Forensic Technology practice.

Fraud Vulnerability Assessments:  We assess the risk of an organization suffering loss due to fraud, waste and abuse.  In addition, we offer recommendations on ways to detect, prevent and deter fraud, waste and abuse.