Investigative Financial Consulting

We are uniquely positioned to offer financial consulting services that are enhanced by our team’s financial investigation expertise and litigation experience.

Our investigative financial consulting practice includes the following services:

Forensic Accounting: We conduct in-depth financial analysis and illustrate findings that form the bases for discussion, debate and dispute resolution for plaintiffs or defendants, whether in a court of law or another forum.

Economic Damages: We use accepted methodologies to compute defensible economic damages and regularly testify in court about financial loss.

Financial Distress: Our team possesses specific expertise in matters of bankruptcy and insolvency. As experienced fraud examiners, we understand how fraud can be manifested in financial distress, and how financial distress often can motivate fraud.

Illustrated Analysis: Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we assist litigators by presenting powerful, proven exhibits that effectively illustrate the patterns and trends that describe data.