Ralph reflects on the past 19 years

When I started Forensic/Strategic 19 years ago, nobody knew what I did. One of my signature lines is to tell people that when I started the firm in 1992, people didn’t even know what forensic accounting meant. They thought I was doing accounting for dead people! But today it’s cool and exciting and you hear about it a lot more. One guy even told me he heard about it on the “Sopranos.”

We were on the cutting edge of a specialty back then, and it’s not that accounting fraud wasn’t happening; it’s that people weren’t looking for it so nobody was getting caught. If you look up “accounting fraud” on Wikipedia, you’ll see that in the 1980s there were four cases, in the 1990s there were eight and in the first decade of this century, there were 39. That really shows where things were when I started the firm and how they have evolved.

A lot has happened and a lot of things have changed over the years. Of course, technology has improved vastly. Our office is now paperless and we use all the latest technology, which helps us differentiate ourselves since we’re always on the cutting edge. This has helped us diversify our expertise and concentrate on our strategic focus. We know what we do and how to do it, and we don’t try to do anything else.

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  2. Paul Rodrigues, CPA, MST, CFE, CFF says:

    Congrats Ralph and FSS, you have had alot of impact on a lot of people and we appreciate it!

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