The Next 19 Years

Kelly Todd

By Kelly J. Todd, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFE

Forensic/Strategic Solutions Shareholder

As Ralph mentioned in last week’s blog post, our industry has gone through significant changes over the last 19 years since the firm was founded. For years, the forensic accounting industry has been full of generalists and practitioners wearing many hats and dabbling in multiple areas of “expertise.” They floated between the worlds of traditional accounting and forensic accounting, but those days are gone. The modern forensic accountant is a specialist, and our firm has and will continue to grow around this philosophy of bringing together experts that complement our practice areas of fraud examination and investigative financial consulting.

It is this expertise that has allowed us to work with a national client base. We will continue to strategically focus on these clients, because these cases tend to have more complex issues and higher stakes. With our depth of expertise, our team approach and our commitment to advancements in technology, we believe we are in a unique position.

Speaking of technology, we will also continue to keep advancements in this area as one of our main focuses in coming years. In today’s world, technology is practically the center of the universe. Nearly everything we see, touch and feel is the manifestation of electronic data. Whether we are mining data to find fraud, illustrating a complex financial transaction or conducting high volume document review, remaining on the cutting edge of technology is critical to our future success.

Continuing to speak and train all over the country will also be critical to our success in coming years. With the complexity of the financial investigations we conduct, it is critical that we possess the ability to tell a story and to educate the judge and the jury in a way that is easily understandable. Speaking and training offers us a platform to develop those skills. It is also a big piece of our marketing plan, and the national stage is a great way to increase not only our individual visibility but also that of the firm. We offer “Lunch and Learn” sessions upon request. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information.

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