Kelly J. Todd and Lindsay H. Gill Co-Author Article on Using Data Analytics in Forensic Investigations for Accounting Today

Kelly J. Todd & Lindsay H. Gill
March 21, 2018

Kelly J. Todd, managing member and member in charge of forensic investigations, and Lindsay H. Gill, director of forensic technology, co-authored an article for Accounting Today on data analytics. In the article, Kelly and Lindsay discuss how advanced analytics of unstructured data can further an investigation to help ferret out the truth.

Kelly and Lindsay review a case in which a national advertising agency had questions about unexplained growth in their line of credit. Through data visualization, analysis of emails (unstructured data) and other techniques, Kelly and Lindsay were able to bring the story to life and uncover two fraud schemes within the agency.

Our firm has extensive experience in the analysis and mining of large, diverse and complex information systems to identify unexpected patterns and expose inconsistencies and irregularities. Our professionals use sophisticated forensic tools to combine disparate datasets, financial records and unstructured data into a single platform for investigation and analysis where there is a dispute, allegations of fraud or misconduct. We also use sophisticated tools to visually communicate results clearly and effectively using the data to tell a story that is accessible, understandable and usable.

The full article can be read here.