Kelly Todd Shares How to Mitigate Fraud Risk & What to Do If You Suspect It on ACFE Insights

Kelly J. Todd
October 18, 2017

Kelly Todd, managing member and member in charge of forensic investigations, authored a two-part blog for ACFE Insights on mitigating fraud risk in the world of occupational fraud. In the blog, Kelly shares ways in which organizations can prevent fraud from occurring. She also provides recommendations for immediate action if fraud is suspected at an organization. Kelly explains that while fraud itself hasn’t changed all that much in recent years, the risks continue to grow in both size and complexity as technology changes and the ability to move, share and expose corporate assets becomes easier – meaning that businesses that do not keep up with evolving threats will be vulnerable.

Kelly has a broad range of forensic experience including financial and white‐collar investigations, fraudulent financial reporting, accountants’ malpractice, and the calculation of economic damages. She has conducted forensic examinations for publicly held and closely held businesses, municipalities, and governmental and educational entities, including the second largest school district in the United States.

Part one of the blog can be viewed here. Part two can be viewed here.