Ralph Summerford & Don Mullinax Quoted on A.E. Feldman’s Blog

Ralph Q. Summerford
February 9, 2009

Ralph Summerford
“As the perception and likelihood of fraud continues to grow in the public and private sectors we want to remain at the forefront of the country’s most prominent forensic accounting firms.  Our team will also consult with organizations to analyze their systems to reduce the opportunities for fraud to occur and to put safeguards in place to prevent fraud before it happens.”

Don Mullinax
Mullinax also sees the growing government “economic stimulus” and “bailout” programs as a breeding ground for fraud, waste and abuse. He says forensic accountants are in a “unique position to help government organizations, non-profits, businesses, and associations create safeguards to prevent potential fraud before it occurs and to find and stop fraud, waste and abuse when it does occur.”

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