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Accounting Malpractice Claims

Our expertise in accounting and financial reporting is invaluable when alleged accounting malpractice stems from fraud not uncovered by CPAs or by failures of CPAs to follow professional standards. Some examples of malpractice claims include:

Fraud schemes that were not uncovered in a financial statement audit or review  |  Fraud schemes that were not uncovered in a compilation engagement  | Failure to follow professional standards  |  Failure to comply with regulatory procedures  |  Failure to uncover or properly disclose conflicts of interest  |  Fraud committed by the accountant  |  Negligence and/or gross negligence

Our services, which leverage accounting and auditing knowledge with forensic investigative techniques, include:


We assess accounting malpractice allegations to advise plaintiffs or defendants if the allegation represents a viable claim.  Our recommendations are usually instrumental in the decision to pursue or settle a claim for malpractice.


Professional accounting standards are complex. We have the knowledge and experience to analyze procedures performed by the CPA as required by professional standards, then to offer an expert opinion on compliance and non-compliance with those standards.


The ability to explain complicated financial concepts and standards to a trier of fact is one of our unique talents.  We have vast experience serving as expert witnesses in accounting malpractice litigation.