Forensic Technology

In collaboration with our trusted partners, we seamlessly integrate our capabilities in advanced data analytics and fraud investigation to protect against, identify, and respond to sophisticated computer attacks led by internal or external threats. Our forensic technology services include:

Data Analytics and Data Mining

We have extensive experience in the analysis and mining of large, diverse and complex information systems to identify unexpected patterns and expose inconsistencies and irregularities.  Our professionals use sophisticated forensic tools to combine disparate datasets, financial records and unstructured data into a single platform for investigation and analysis where there is a dispute, allegations of fraud or misconduct.

We efficiently identify and collect relevant and responsive data across enterprise-wide systems and repositories including proprietary or outsourced third-party systems.

Computer and Cell Phone Forensic Examinations

Forensically sound methods are used to recover and preserve key digital evidence, whether that evidence was intentionally deleted or manipulated.  Our multidisciplinary team can recover and recreate data history to investigate suspicious activity.  We follow industry best practices and forensic protocols to confirm facts and eliminate false assumptions. Our customized investigation solutions in both fraud and internal investigations include:

Evidence and data collection  |  Data preservation  |  Forensic data analysis  |  Expert testimony and reporting

Data Visualization

We use sophisticated tools to visually communicate results clearly and effectively using the data to tell a story that is accessible, understandable and usable.