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Investigative Financial Consulting

We are uniquely positioned to offer financial consulting services that are enhanced by our team’s financial investigation expertise and litigation experience. Our investigative financial consulting practice includes:


We unravel complex financial issues in commercial and personal disputes.  Our integrated team provides insight and clarity to assist in every stage of a contested matter– from early case assessment and discovery through damage analysis to testimony.  Our team of experts is highly skilled at interpreting complicated financial and data-driven facts. We can then communicate our findings to a trier of fact in understandable and visually meaningful flowcharts, timelines, pictures, and stories.


We conduct in-depth financial analysis and intelligence gathering to collect, analyze and evaluate financial data. We then illustrate findings that form the bases for discussion, debate, and dispute resolution for plaintiffs or defendants, whether in a court of law or another forum.


We use accepted methodologies to compute defensible economic damages.  We regularly testify in federal and state courts about financial loss:

Lost profits  |  Diminution of value or slow death  |  Lost business value  |  Lost wages and earnings  |  Present value of future medical costs


When a dispute arises on intellectual property, we assess the financial impact of infringement or misappropriation of patents, trademarks and Lanham Act claims, trade secrets and copyrights.  We have testified on issues involving:

Lost profits  |  Diminution of value  |  Unjust enrichment and disgorgement  |  Price erosion  |  Reasonable royalty  |  Valuation


Our team has experience and expertise in bankruptcy, insolvency, and reorganizations. As experienced fraud examiners, we understand how fraud can manifest in financial distress, and how financial distress motivates fraudulent acts.


Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we assist litigators by presenting powerful, demonstrative exhibits that are effective and show a trier of fact conclusive information through flowcharts, timelines, pictures and stories.  Our proven methods illustrate the patterns and trends that tell the story encapsulated within massive amounts of data.