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How Much is My Business Worth?

The question is difficult to answer and is important when the company’s value is at the center of current or potential litigation. In these circumstances, a valuation must not only be reliable, but the calculations and methodologies used must survive the scrutiny of courts, opposing counsel, and opposing experts.

You may need to determine the value of a business involved in litigation including:

  • Marital divorces
  • Divorces among business owners
  • Dissenting and oppressed shareholder statutory fair value actions
  • Breach of fiduciary duty allegations
  • Fraud allegations
  • IRS or department of revenue challenges
  • Breach of contract allegations
  • Disputed or ambiguous terms of purchase and sale agreements
  • Missing or incomplete financial data or information

We can help you with:

Marital Divorce Valuation Services — Regardless of whether you are in an equitable distribution or community property jurisdiction, your marital divorce case may require more than just a business valuation report. Our multidisciplinary team is also skilled at obtaining and analyzing electronic data, tracing assets, and performing forensic analysis to determine if assets are being hidden or if profits are misstated. Learn more.

Asset Tracing – You may save time and money and help obtain the most accurate and defensible business valuation possible because of our effective use of technology and collaboration between our valuation and forensic accounting and fraud examination teams. Learn more.

Consulting Experts— If you hire us as a consulting expert, our advice and analysis are typically not discoverable by adverse parties. This allows us to serve as an undisclosed resource for you from the very beginning of the litigation process. Learn more.

Early Case Assessment and Consultation – We can help you with the essential but often difficult early case assessment to determine the potential value of a case as you help your client assess the risk/reward of litigation and the cost/benefit of various courses of action. Learn more.

Discovery Assistance – You can maximize the return on discovery dollars expended if we work with you early in the case to gauge the level and methods of document production needed to provide an accurate, reliable valuation based upon the trends of the subject company and its industry. Learn more.

Expert Witness Testimony – You need an expert to present testimony clearly and effectively and defend challenges from opposing counsel and opposing experts. Our experts are regularly called upon for expert witness testimony. Learn more.

Arbitration and Mediation Support— You need insights and data that can help identify the positives and negatives of your case to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively and avoid incurring the cost and risk of going to trial. Learn more.

Active/Passive Analysis and Tracing in Marital Divorce Cases – Active/Passive issues are complex and you need an expert opinion from a highly specialized expert with experience regarding these issues. Learn more.

Owner Disputes and Business Divorces – The actions or inactions of business owners that can lead to business disputes often impact the value of a company. We can help you determine the value of the company, taking into consideration the impact of disputed actions to enable the business owner’s dispute to be resolved. Learn more.

Customized Deliverables – You or your jurisdiction may favor a flexible approach or report format for your business valuation. We can help you design a deliverable within the parameters of professional standards that will best fit your needs. Learn more.

The FSS Litigated Business Valuation team stands ready to help you through the entire litigated business valuation process. Contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts.


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