Meet our team

Our recognized team of industry experts combines our deep experience in fraud investigation and litigation consulting with advanced data analytic techniques to arm our clients with fact-based, clearly-illustrated data and defensible positions, best situating them to resolve financial disputes in courts of law and other forums. With team members located in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina, we perform a wide scope of specialized services across the country.

Ralph Q. Summerford


Ralph Q. Summerford is the president of Forensic Strategic Solutions. Mr. Summerford has a broad range of forensic expertise, testifying as an expert witness in federal and state courts on matters involving complicated financial transaction, including fraud, economic damages, business valuation, bankruptcy and accounting malpractice.

William C. Dameworth

Managing Member

William C. Dameworth is a managing member of Forensic Strategic Solutions and the member in charge of valuation services. A specialist in litigated business valuation, Mr. Dameworth’s extensive business valuation and litigation consulting experience includes services in over 500 engagements for a wide variety of purposes.

Kelly J. Todd

Managing Member

Kelly J. Todd is a managing member and the member in charge of forensic investigations at Forensic Strategic Solutions. Ms. Todd has a broad range of forensic experience including financial and white‐collar investigations, fraudulent financial reporting, accounting malpractice, and the calculation of economic damages.

Lindsay H. Gill

Director of Forensic Technology

Lindsay H. Gill is the director of forensic technology at Forensic Strategic Solutions. Ms. Gill has a breadth of experience in data analytics, computer forensics, internal investigations, antifraud programs and controls, fraud vulnerability assessments, and investigative financial consulting.

Kelly Schmid

Director of Valuation Services

Kelly Schmid is the director of valuation services at Forensic Strategic Solutions. Ms. Schmid has provided a broad range of valuation services, valuing intangible assets and business enterprises for purposes of litigation, family law, gift and estate, financial reporting, and tax matters across a wide variety of industries.

Erica S. Hale


Erica S. Hale is a forensic analyst and investigative accountant with a broad range of experience in dispute and litigation consulting involving complex financial transactions, including economic damages, financial and securities-related investigations, contract disputes, lost profits and intellectual property damages.

Leslie P. Littrell


Leslie P. Littrell is a forensic and investigative accountant specializing in fraud examination, forensic accounting and litigation consulting.

Wade Morgan

Computer Forensic Advisor

Wade Morgan, president/CEO at Alabama Forensic Data Services, Inc., serves as a professional partner and computer forensics advisor. Mr. Morgan specializes in the area of computer examinations, electronic data recovery and cell phone forensics.