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Lost Earnings – Wrongful Termination – Civil Litigation

FSS was hired to compute reasonable and reliable estimates of lost earnings for several plaintiffs and to testify to our findings of economic loss in federal court.

Three law enforcement officers filed a civil suit against their former employer alleging they were wrongfully terminated in retaliation for reporting to state officials allegations of corruption and misconduct within their agency.

FSS used a generally accepted methodology for calculating lost earnings based on the total compensation the plaintiffs could have earned but for their termination.  Total compensation was determined to include wages, employer paid fringe benefits and employer funded retirement benefits. FSS provided expert testimony regarding the calculation of lost earnings.

The plaintiff’s case was bolstered by FSS’ calculation of lost earnings that were presented to the jury.  The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiffs – the plaintiffs were awarded the amount computed and testified to by the FSS team — more than $4 million.