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Whether you are pursuing or defending against a claim, litigators must be equipped from the earliest stages of a dispute with the best-possible information to support their theories and communicate an effective story to judges, juries and other triers of fact. Without supportable information, lawyers may waste their time pursuing fruitless theories that will result in a poor outcome for their clients.

Financial Analysis for Improved Litigation Results

At FSS, we understand that a careful review and skilled analysis of financial issues can provide lawyers with the fuel they need to power their case. We deploy advanced technology, as well as a team of forensic accounting and investigative professionals who have decades of combined experience working with litigators to help them achieve success.

We are not only deft at uncovering information and helping attorneys value and assess the chances of success of their claims, but we know that lawyers must be able to tell a compelling story during the course of litigation. Our team has qualifications and experience to translate even the most complex financial concepts in ways that will enhance the story a lawyer is trying to tell.

Early Case Assessment with Forensic Accounting Consulting Services

From the outset of litigation, FSS can assess the facts of a case from a financial perspective and improve the efficiency of the damages calculation and help attorneys achieve a more rapid settlement.

With our proven preliminary determination methods and advanced technology, we give lawyers the information they need to set realistic expectations for claims and determine whether trial or settlement is the most appropriate remedy.

Our efforts go beyond the financial analysis typically expected of CPAs. Along with our careful financial review and analysis, we aid lawyers with services, such as:

  • Assistance with document requests
  • Development of deposition questions
  • Support with responses to interrogatories
  • Review correspondence and non-financial information


Litigation and investigation are too complicated, expensive, and the risks are too high to select the wrong financial expert. At FSS, we understand this.

You want to avoid risk of unfavorable summary judgments, your motions being denied, or your expert being excluded by an opposing party’s motion.

We don’t believe you should be frustrated or unsure about your financial expert. With a collaborative team of niche financial experts, harnessing technology-driven solutions—we will guide you to mitigate these risks and work with you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

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