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Our expertise in accounting and financial reporting is invaluable when alleged accounting malpractice stems from fraud not uncovered by certified public accountants (CPAs) or by failures of CPAs to follow professional standards.

Litigators, in-house legal teams and outside counsel, CPAs and auditors rely upon FSS to assist them through every phase of an accounting malpractice claim.


At the earliest stages of a case, when allegations arise and professional malpractice is suspected, we leverage our deep accounting and auditing knowledge and forensic investigation techniques to help our clients determine whether a claim is viable.

For lawyers and CPAs bringing or defending claims, we offer expert opinions and analysis on whether professional standards have been met. We are routinely deployed by plaintiffs and defense teams as expert witnesses when accounting malpractice cases go before judges, juries, or other finders of fact.
We provide:

  • Early Case Assessment for Accounting Malpractice Allegations. Deploying cutting-edge technology and unmatched investigative experience, we advise both plaintiffs and defendants on the viability of accounting malpractice claims. Learn More
  • Professional Accounting Standards Compliance Analysis. No matter the location, industry, or type of organization, our team is able to analyze whether a CPA has—or has not—complied with the professional standards pertinent to an accounting malpractice claim. Learn More
  • Accounting Malpractice Expert Witnesses. Not only do we bring unmatched professional experience to the witness stand, but we are also adept at explaining highly complex accounting and financial subject matter in easy-to-comprehend language. Learn More


Our team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience, recognized as leaders in financial investigations— giving us the advantage of having a unique perspective for each case. We understand, for instance, that no case is exactly the same, such that we work closely with our clients to design an approach based upon their specific needs.

To learn more about how we can assist you in assessing, pursuing, or defending against an accounting malpractice claim, Contact Us to schedule a call with one of our experts.

Fact Sheet for CPAs and Counsel

Accountant malpractice claims continue to rise—particularly those involving CPAs who have allegedly failed to detect a fraud. Download this tip sheet to learn what accountants and their counsel should know about the current landscape of accountant malpractice claims

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