Discovery Assistance Consultation

Whether the party is a plaintiff or defendant, deciding whether to pursue litigation or a settlement of a business valuation dispute hinges on identifying and understanding the key facts of a case at the earliest possible opportunity. From the earliest stages of a dispute, we can assist attorneys and their clients with high-level analysis to gain an early understanding of potential opportunities, difficulties, professional costs and previously unforeseen concerns. Especially in situations where the attorney’s client does not control access to company information, we regularly assist attorneys and their clients with making discovery requests, evaluating responses to discovery requests, and assisting with information for motions to compel.

A More Efficient Litigation Process

Involving FSS Litigated Business Valuation experts in the early phases of litigation allows our experts to gauge the level of document production needed to provide an accurate, reliable valuation based upon the trends of the subject company and its industry.

Our efforts go beyond the financial analysis typically expected of valuation experts and can help you maximize your return on discovery dollars expended. Along with our careful financial review and analysis, we aid lawyers with services such as:

  • Assistance with document requests
  • Evaluation of responses to discovery requests
  • Assisting with information for motions to compel
  • Development of deposition questions
  • Support with developing interrogatories and reviews of responses to interrogatories.
  • Support with developing requests for production and reviews of responses to requests for production
  • Review of correspondence and non-financial information

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Our analysis and recommendations help clients make strategic decisions about how to move forward with their cases. As a result, many of our clients achieve savings in time and professional fees expended by taking advantage of our discovery assistance process.

If you would like help with discovery in the financial aspects of your case, contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts.


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