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At FSS, we have extensive experience serving as expert witnesses, and we are routinely relied upon by both plaintiffs and defense counsel to testify in accounting malpractice cases.

We take great pride in our unique ability to convey complicated financial information in an easy-to-comprehend manner. Our team understands that for attorneys bringing claims or defending against them, creating a compelling, easily understood narrative can be one of the most challenging aspects of an accounting malpractice case.

We know how to translate accounting and auditing procedures, as well as the variety of professional standards that CPAs must follow, into plain English that resonates with judges, juries and other triers of fact.


Our team is also deeply familiar with the standards set out under Daubert and Frye, as well as other state-level requirements, for vetting expert witnesses in court. We know that expert witnesses must demonstrate that they are qualified to deliver an opinion, and that they must be able to defend the conclusions they have reached.

We bring to the table solid credentials and decades of accounting and auditing experience. The accounting professionals at FSS are not only trained CPAs, but they have continually supplemented their experience with certifications and degrees in a variety of related financial disciplines.

These credentials are combined with our reliable and rigorous principles and methods of conducting investigations and analysis. We work diligently with legal counsel to achieve success against any challenges of our testimony from opposing counsel. And we believe our diligence, credentials and experience are why we are regularly qualified to testify as experts in federal and state courts.


Underlying our testimony is our ability to investigate and analyze the performance of CPAs. Using a combination of technology tools, data analytics, and investigative techniques, we are able to evaluate whether an accountant failed to meet professional standards of care.

Many FSS team members are not only CPAs, but have other expertise and certifications such as certified fraud examiners (CFEs). This added experience gives deep insight into the steps an accountant should have taken to detect fraudulent activity.

Learn more about the role of the CFE in an accounting malpractice or accounting fraud case in this video. And for more information about our expert witness services, schedule a call with one of our experts.


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