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I Need Support with My Arbitration or Mediation

You need insights and data that can help identify and realistically assess the positives and negatives of your case to resolve disputes more efficiently and effectively and avoid the cost and risk of going to trial.

  • By involving our experts in the early phases of a dispute, we will help you gauge the level of document production needed to provide an accurate, reliable valuation. This will enable you to maximize the return on discovery dollars expended.
  • By using our preliminary determination methods, we can provide an early assessment of a range of hypothetical values and available data that can help you set realistic expectations about potential valuations. This information can also help you determine whether to try to resolve the issue in mediation or go forward with arbitration or trial.
  • Our experts have experience conferring with opposing experts, when approved, to isolate the key issues of difference to help the parties resolve the dispute.
  • Our experts can participate in mediation and arbitration hearings.

The Litigated Business Valuation experts at FSS work closely with attorneys, arbitrators, and mediators in all phases of the arbitration and/or mediation process. We can help identify positives and negatives that may help you resolve your dispute more efficiently and effectively.

A More Efficient Litigation Process

We provide business valuations that are defensible and designed to withstand the scrutiny of arbitrators, mediators, and opposing counsel. We offer consulting services to aid lawyers throughout the lifespan of an arbitration or mediation. we aid lawyers with services such as:

  • Support with developing requests for production and reviews of responses to requests for production
  • Assisting with information for motions to compel
  • Development of deposition, arbitration testimony and cross examination questions
  • Support with developing interrogatories and reviews of responses to interrogatories
  • Review of correspondence and non-financial information
  • Critique of other expert’s valuation reports
  • Provide rebuttal reports
  • Review rebuttal reports and responses
  • Participate in mediation and arbitration hearings.

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To learn more about how we can assist before and during mediation and arbitration, contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts.



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