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Early Case Assessment

Determining early on how much a business might be worth can be a crucial factor in your decision-making process as you proceed with litigation. An early case assessment by seasoned, qualified business valuation experts engaged as consulting experts under the attorney work product doctrine can help lawyers make a call about the potential risks and returns of pursuing litigation, along with the potential costs. This early assessment might also be invaluable to the attorney and their client when deciding whether going to trial or seeking a settlement is the most appropriate course of action in a case.

Our early case assessments are supported by our preparation of calculations of a hypothetical range of values under varying assumptions. The work product can be customized to the stage in litigation and the scope of our engagement, within the required parameters of our professional standards.

A More Efficient Litigation Process

Whether the party is a plaintiff or defendant, deciding whether to pursue litigation or a settlement of a business valuation dispute hinges on identifying and understanding the key facts of a case at the earliest possible opportunity. From the beginning stages of a dispute, we can assist attorneys and their clients with high-level analysis to gain an early understanding of potential opportunities, difficulties, professional costs, and previously unforeseen concerns.

Our efforts go beyond the financial analysis typically expected of valuation experts and can help you assess the potential risk/reward of your litigation. Along with our careful financial review and analysis, we aid lawyers with services such as:

  • Assistance with document requests
  • Review of financial documents and information
  • Review of correspondence and non-financial information
  • Calculations of a hypothetical range of values. Scope may also include:
    • Company financial performance comparison to industry
    • Search for comparable completed transactions in the industry

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Many of our clients achieve savings in time and professional fees by taking advantage of our early case assessment process. To learn whether an early valuation assessment is right for your case, contact us to schedule a call with one of our experts.


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