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The FSS team has deep experience assisting counsel, bankruptcy trustees and receivers, and claimants in cases involving bankruptcies, insolvencies, and reorganizations.

Our team provides insight and clarity to assist in every stage of a bankruptcy—from early case assessment and discovery to damage analysis to testimony. We help attorneys and claimants build credible calculations that match the facts and circumstances of a case. And as experienced fraud examiners, we are keenly aware of how fraud can occur when an organization is in distress and how financial problems can motivate fraudulent activity.

Our expertise allows us to surface fraudulent transactions and determine the potential value of claims. When a company experiences financial problems, corporate executives and other interested parties may attempt to hide or divert corporate assets. Our experienced forensic investigators and fraud examiners rely upon state-of-the-art technology and decades of combined experience to uncover such schemes and provide evidence that can be used to claw back assets.

How we assist attorneys in litigation as consulting experts

Our team can detect issues such as preferential transfers and fraudulent conveyances made just before an insolvency that are designed to defraud creditors. We analyze facts and underlying transactions and find evidence that can help attorneys overcome a fraudster’s defenses and improve the chances of a substantial recovery.

Counsel in cases involving distressed organizations need forensic accounting partners with sophisticated knowledge of accounting and corporate finance issues, the ability to move quickly in a complex working environment, and a more-than passing familiarity with the bankruptcy code. The FSS team brings to the table unmatched experience and a nimble and efficient technology-driven approach.

How we assist attorneys in litigation as testifying experts

We provide expert testimony that is designed to survive challenges and that can be embraced by triers of fact. We deploy a team of skilled professionals with expert credentials to provide credible, evidence-driven opinions in bankruptcy and distressed company cases that will stand up to intense scrutiny in court.

When testifying, our experienced professionals are able to connect the dots for triers of fact even when explaining the most arcane of financial concepts. And we supplement our story-telling abilities with strong visual exhibits that help bring those concepts and key facts to life.


Litigation and investigation are too complicated, expensive, and the risks are too high to select the wrong financial expert. At FSS, we understand this.

You want to avoid risk of unfavorable summary judgments, your motions being denied, or your expert being excluded by an opposing party’s motion.

We don’t believe you should be frustrated or unsure about your financial expert. With a collaborative team of niche financial experts, harnessing technology-driven solutions—we will guide you to mitigate these risks and work with you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

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