Keeping Your Hired Expert Under Wraps

When we are hired as consulting experts, our advice and analysis are rarely discoverable by adverse parties. This allows us to serve as an undisclosed resource for lawyers from the very beginning of the litigation process.

An Undisclosed Resource In Litigation

Not sure in which direction your case strategy should go? We are often initially engaged as undisclosed consultants under the attorney work product privilege. We can then be subsequently disclosed as testifying experts, or we can remain as undisclosed consulting experts on litigation matters. Our attorney clients view our team as trusted advisors who help them identify financial issues early in the litigation process, which can provide a strategic advantage to attorneys and their clients throughout the entire litigation lifecycle.

Early in a case, we can provide lawyers with vital information that can help them set realistic risk/reward expectations with their client. This, in turn, can help the attorney and their client to determine whether they should pursue a case to trial or seek a settlement.

Consulting Expert Services

We know that litigation involving a closely-held business can be complex and expensive. Our business valuation experts are adept at helping lawyers plan the valuation part of cases. We aid lawyers with services such as:

  • Assistance with requests for production and interrogatories
  • Affidavit assistance
  • Development of deposition, trial testimony and cross examination questions
  • Assistance during depositions
  • Review of responses to interrogatories
  • Review of responses to requests for production
  • Review of correspondence and non-financial information
  • Calculations of a range of hypothetical values during early case assessment
  • Critique of other expert’s valuation reports
  • Industry research
  • Assistance with preparing demonstrative trial exhibits

Our Litigated Business Valuation specialists also rely upon a collaborative team of financial experts at FSS who are able to harness technology-driven solutions to help obtain and analyze financial and other information more cost-effectively than having to rely upon manual data entry. These steps can help control costs, mitigate litigation risk, and help achieve a successful resolution to a case.

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