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Economic damages analyses and forensic investigations involve complex financial issues. Our skilled team explains these subjects in a clear and concise manner so triers of fact have a clear understanding of the facts as we present our opinions.

At FSS, our credentialed professionals have the knowledge, experience, and training to provide credible opinions and defend them under intense scrutiny.

How we assist attorneys in litigation as consulting experts

We can be retained as consulting experts. Our attorney clients view us as trusted advisors who provide a strategic advantage throughout every phase of litigation. And because our role as a consulting expert is usually never disclosed, our work is generally not discoverable.

We determine if quantifiable damages are available for recovery and provide preliminary estimates of a range of reasonable financial outcomes. And we identify critical information required to form a more focused damage calculation.

How we assist attorneys in litigation as testifying experts

Our forensic accounting experts provide objective third-party perspective and financial expertise on matters relating to:

  • Wage-based losses, including past and future loss of earnings. We provide expertise on factors, such as:
    • Base wage
    • Employer-paid fringe benefits
    • Work life expectancy
    • Life expectancy
    • Mitigation
    • Growth factors
    • Discount rate
  • Financial distress as a result of a bankruptcy, insolvency or reorganization. We provide expertise on the financial issues related to insolvencies, and our deep experience as fraud examiners can help show how financial distress motivates fraudulent activity.
  • Breach of contract claims arising from:
    • Business interruption
    • Construction contracts
    • Distributor agreements
    • Employment disputes and covenants not to compete
    • Franchise agreements
    • Insurance losses
    • Leases
    • Lending agreements
    • Sales contracts
  • Economic damages calculations. We regularly testify in federal and state courts providing logical, consistent and realistic opinions that confirm calculations and withstand cross examination on a variety of damages-related issues, including:
    • Lost profits
    • Diminution of value or slow death
    • Lost business value
    • Lost wages and earnings
    • Present value of future medical costs
  • Intellectual property. We provide assessments of the financial impact of infringement, misappropriation, as well as damages calculations for claims. We have testified on IP issues involving:
    • Lost profits
    • Diminution of value
    • Unjust enrichment and disgorgement
    • Valuation

Litigation and investigation are too complicated, expensive, and the risks are too high to select the wrong financial expert. At FSS, we understand this.

You want to avoid risk of unfavorable summary judgments, your motions being denied, or your expert being excluded by an opposing party’s motion.

We don’t believe you should be frustrated or unsure about your financial expert. With a collaborative team of niche financial experts, harnessing technology-driven solutions—we will guide you to mitigate these risks and work with you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

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