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Our financial investigation expertise and litigation experience uniquely position us to offer unparalleled lost profits and damages services. Our mission is to provide clarity in disputed financial transactions, find missing puzzle pieces and solve financial mysteries to help litigants—whether claimants or defendants— strengthen their case.

Our team analyzes financial issues involving commercial and personal disputes to identify the financial implications and the amount of losses, if any.

We understand commercial disputes can be complex, and we specialize in investigative financial services for:

  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility, and
  • Intellectual property

In personal financial disputes, our team provides services for:

  • Property ownership disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Family business disputes
  • Settlement proceedings arising from legal claims and litigation
  • Settlement proceedings arising from bankruptcy trustees’ claims involving property disputes
  • Marital separation or family law proceedings
  • Wage based claims resulting from personal injury or employment litigation


From the earliest stages of a dispute, our assistance to visualize the “big picture” can be invaluable as the parties assess claims, determine potential damages and calculate settlement prospects.

  • Forensic Accounting. We conduct in-depth financial analysis and intelligence gathering to collect, analyze and evaluate financial data. We then illustrate findings that form the bases for discussion, debate and dispute resolution for plaintiffs or defendants, whether in a court of law or another forum.
  • Litigation Consulting and Dispute Resolution. We unravel the financial puzzle of complex issues in commercial and personal disputes. Our integrated team of skilled professionals collaborate to provide insight and clarity at every stage of a contested matter—from early case assessment and discovery through damage analysis to testimony. Our team of experts is uniquely skilled at interpreting complicated financial and data driven facts. We can then communicate our findings to a trier of fact in understandable and visually meaningful flowcharts, timelines, and pictures in support of our opinions.


Credible calculations based on the facts and circumstances of a case tell a story about the data that triers of fact will understand and embrace.

  • Economic Damages Arising from Commercial and Personal Disputes. We use accepted methodologies to compute defensible economic damages. We regularly testify in federal and state courts about financial loss issues, including:
    • Lost profits
    • Diminution of value or slow death
    • Lost business value
    • Lost wages and earnings
    • Present value of future medical costs
  • Intellectual Property Damages. We provide assessments of the financial impact of infringement, misappropriation, as well as damages calculations for claims. We have testified on issues involving:
    • Lost profits
    • Diminution of value
    • Unjust enrichment and disgorgement
    • Valuation
  • Financial Distress Cases such as Bankruptcy, Insolvency and Reorganization. Our team has experience and expertise in bankruptcy, insolvency and reorganizations. As experienced fraud examiners, we understand how fraud can manifest in financial distress, and how financial distress motivates fraudulent acts. As such, we also determine if there are claims for losses arising from fraud as a result of financial distress.


To avoid pitfalls in litigation, it is critical to find a professional who understands the relationship between economic damages calculations and the evidence in the record. Equally important is finding the expert who can clearly and effectively communicate that story to a judge, jury, or other trier of fact.

We help counsel and claimants build a credible calculation that aligns with the facts and circumstances of a case and clearly communicate findings that triers of fact will understand and embrace.

  • Illustrative Analysis through Data Visualization. Knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we assist litigators by presenting powerful and effective demonstrative exhibits that provide triers of fact conclusive information through flowcharts, timelines, pictures and stories. Our proven methods and state-of-the-art technology efficiently illustrate the patterns and trends encapsulated within massive amounts of data — and allow us to help counsel and claimants present a compelling visual story to triers of fact.
  • Expert Witness Testimony. Financial loss calculations and forensic investigations involve complex financial issues. FSS employs a skilled team of credentialed professionals with the knowledge, experience, education, and training to provide credible opinions and defend them under intense scrutiny. Our experts are adept at explaining subjects in a clear and concise manner that triers of fact can easily understand.


Litigation and investigation are too complicated, expensive, and the risks are too high to select the wrong financial expert. At FSS, we understand this.

You want to avoid risk of unfavorable summary judgments, your motions being denied, or your expert being excluded by an opposing party’s motion.

We don’t believe you should be frustrated or unsure about your financial expert. With a collaborative team of niche financial experts, harnessing technology-driven solutions—we will guide you to mitigate these risks and work with you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

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