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Storytelling is critical for lawyers as they work to capture and hold the attention of jurors and judges and move them toward a desired result in a case.

Lawyers need to present their stories in a fashion that is easily comprehended and embraced by triers of facts. In a case where complex financial issues are at stake, creating a presentation that can be easily consumed and understood can be a difficult task. A jury barraged with technical information may tune out and even become angry over the lack of effort in helping them understand the details presented.

The team at FSS can help. We use data visualization to help tell the financial story, and we do so in easy-to-understand language that supports our expert opinions and the lawyer’s story.

How we assist attorneys in litigation

Gathering and analyzing the data is just one part of the task for us. Electronic information collected is used for data visualizations that can help bring stories to life.

At FSS, we subscribe to the old maxims that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and when telling a story, “show, don’t tell.” With compelling visuals, we help lawyers advance their theories and give finders of fact a way to quickly understand crucial data.

Among other issues, data-driven visuals may help lawyers:

  • identify and link key people and events.
  • show how financial activities in an organization have evolved over time.
  • demonstrate how funds have flowed in and out of an organization.
  • identify patterns of financial activity.

Translating complex material with data visualization

Research shows that data visualization can have a strong, positive impact on triers of fact and their understanding of complex evidence in the courtroom. The right visual aids can help jurors and judges grapple with technical information and improve their comprehension of verbal presentations.We know that the volume of financial material gathered during a dispute may be difficult for even the most sophisticated audiences to grasp. Many jurors (and some judges) will never have read a balance sheet or had experience with arcane accounting or corporate governance rules.

At FSS, we produce demonstrative exhibits, including flowcharts, timelines, pictures and other visual tools, that help show the way—and provide lawyers with compelling, evidence-based support for their stories.


Litigation and investigation are too complicated, expensive, and the risks are too high to select the wrong financial expert. At FSS, we understand this.

You want to avoid risk of unfavorable summary judgments, your motions being denied, or your expert being excluded by an opposing party’s motion.

We don’t believe you should be frustrated or unsure about your financial expert. With a collaborative team of niche financial experts, harnessing technology-driven solutions—we will guide you to mitigate these risks and work with you to achieve a successful resolution of your case.

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