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Forensic Strategic Solutions, Inc. Launches Forensic Technology Practice

New fraud practice protects, identifies and responds to cyber threats

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (January 13, 2014) – Every day across the U.S., companies face cyber threats, from both internal and external sources, through the use of malicious code, mobile devices and computers, resulting in the loss of billions of dollars and critical data breaches that jeopardize a company’s success. In response to the growing trend in cybercrime, Forensic Strategic Solutions, Inc. (FSS), a national financial investigation firm, today announced the formal launch of its Forensic Technology Practice, which serves as a cyber-investigation resource for businesses and government entities working to protect against, identify and respond to sophisticated organizational attacks by internal or external threats.

FSS’ Forensic Technology Practice specializes in three areas including cyber security, computer forensics and data breach and incident response: cyber security identifies risks and threats to prevent data and security incidents and control internal investigation costs; computer forensics recovers and recreates data history to investigate suspicious activity while quickly identifying and responding to vulnerabilities or attacks; and data breach and incident response applies forensically sound methods to preserve key digital evidence, investigate clues, establish a clear picture of an incident and launch an effective response.

Kelly Todd, shareholder, and Lindsay Gill, director of forensic technology, lead FSS’ Forensic Technology Practice. Todd has more than 15 years of experience with financial and white-collar crime investigations including asset misappropriation, fraud and embezzlement. Gill has deep knowledge and experience leading investigations involving breaches of technology and has extensive experience using the latest data mining, data preparation and visualization methods to successfully link components of an investigation to detect fraud, waste, and abuse from internal and external threats. Additional team members of the Forensic Technology Practice include professional partners, Packet Ninjas, a boutique security practice that is highly-trained in incident response and forensics and supports high-stakes corporate investigations and SecurIT360, an IT security specialist with deep experience protecting against critical security weaknesses in an organization’s technology infrastructure.
“The new frontier of fraud investigation is forensic technology,” said Todd, shareholder at Forensic Strategic Solutions, Inc. “We are well positioned to combine our proven fraud investigation and data analytic techniques with our litigation-focused approach to identify the source and scope of these incidents, preserve key evidence, effectively communicate our findings and help prevent future attacks. Our team has become an unrivaled resource in the field of cyber investigation.”

FSS’ Forensic Technology team works closely with plaintiff and defense attorneys, corporate boards, government inspector generals and government agencies.

About Packet Ninjas
Packet Ninjas serves a professional partner and cyber security advisor to FSS on matters relating to security incidents and computer forensics. The team at Packet Ninjas is highly trained in incident response and forensics and has aided in high-stakes corporate investigations. Since 2005, Packet Ninjas has helped businesses all over the world defend against hacking, uncover electronic attacks and fraud, and provide legally defensible evidence against attackers.

About SecurIT360
SecurIT360 serves as a professional partner and IT security advisor to FSS on matters relating to cyber risk management and security. SecurIT360 advises public and private entities, providing them with a comprehensive outlook to secure IT systems and risk mitigation to protect against critical security weaknesses in an organization’s technology infrastructure. The team at SecurIT360 has in-depth knowledge surrounding information security audit, risk assessment, security, operations, and system design and implementation.