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Practice Areas

Forensic Strategic Solutions is a national, full-service financial investigation firm offering a range of services across five integrated practice areas: fraud examination, investigative financial consulting, litigated business valuation, forensic technology and accounting malpractice.

Accounting Malpractice Claims

Our team specializes in accounting and financial reporting issues, whether the alleged malpractice stems from fraud that was not uncovered by CPAs or from a failure by CPAs to follow professional standards.

Forensic Technology

We seamlessly integrate our capabilities in forensic technology and fraud examination to identify, retrieve, normalize, and analyze large, diverse, and complex data sets. Our professionals use sophisticated forensic tools to reconstruct financial records and combine disparate and/or unstructured data into a single platform for investigation and analysis in financial disputes and forensic investigations. By using advanced techniques, we produce fact-driven insights enabling our clients to make defensible, informed decisions related to litigation, dispute resolution, regulatory and prosecutorial investigations, false claims, whistleblower claims, or other critical matters.

Fraud Examination

Our fraud examination team combines investigatory, accounting, and forensic technology expertise to reveal relevant facts and isolate incidents of potential vulnerability and/or wrongdoing in financial disputes and forensic investigations. Through the integration of our practice areas and expertise, we use data analytics, interviews, and evidence examination to uncover financial improprieties, identify perpetrators, and develop evidence. We understand and assess quantitative and qualitative evidence to ferret out the truth, illustrate, present, and testify about findings and/or make referrals to law enforcement.

Investigative Financial Consulting

We are uniquely positioned to offer financial consulting services that are enhanced by our team’s financial investigation expertise and litigation experience in forensic accounting, economic damages, financial distress, and illustrated analysis.

Litigated Business Valuation Services

Our experienced business valuation team consults on economic, industry, financial, and capital markets data related to value and changes in value, providing formal reports and subject matter expert testimony for litigated valuation cases.

Our Work

Forensic Strategic Solutions is a full-service financial investigation firm offering a range of services across five integrated practice areas. Learn more about the services we can provide by reading our case studies.